Ah, The Baby Shower

There are so many things that you need to keep in mind when you plan a baby shower. There is a whole list of do’s and don’ts. But there are also a lot of ways to make the celebration convenient. Before I get into the whole baby shower thing; choosing a theme, planning, sending invitations, preparing food, and welcoming guests I would like to look at some of the aspects that are important to a baby shower.

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the imminent arrival of a baby and present mother – be with gifts for babies. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the excitement of a new baby about to enter the world!

Traditionally the baby shower is a ‘girly’ event but can have a mixed party and celebrate with both parents.

t is common for a best friend or sister to organize a baby shower but really anyone can throw a baby shower.

If nobody has offered to host a shower for you (maybe you live away from his family and close friends) then do not hesitate to invite the people you want to celebrate your baby with you before it reaches the big day. It could be something simple as enjoy a tea in the afternoon at a favorite coffee. Or, if you plan to do something a little bigger, ask one or two people to help that you can enjoy the shower without too much effort or stress.

If you are hosting a baby shower for someone or yourself, remember that enjoy the planning process and the event and share a special moment with friends and family is what is really the occasion.

The Other Baby Shower (Baby Sprinkle)

Some people think that there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to the baby shower. Others think that there are too many, and for those in the know it is the baby sprinkle.

The baby sprinkle is a whole section of baby shower all to itself. And there are a lot of different ways for you to celebrate. These can be chic, just like you would expect them to be. Or they can be themed, but they don’t need to be huge. And that is the real draw.

You can find a lot of resources for the baby sprinkle which includes baby sprinkle invitations and other supplies that will make the entire day a whole lot easier. Since the celebration is a little newer you can expect to find less about the baby sprinkle than about some of the more out there baby shower themes but that is ok since you will have a lot of room to express yourself.

Much like the shower, a baby sprinkle helps you celebrate the impending arrival with a baby.

These can be reserved for for baby number two, but they are also good for people who don’t want and/or need a shower.

As the hostess you might get the suggestion that the MTB would prefer a baby sprinkle (less elaborate than a baby shower). And you are in luck since you can do these types of by going out to brunch with only the MTB’s closest girlfriends.

For those of you who have never heard of a baby sprinkle… A baby sprinkle is a sort of new trend and buzzword more appropriate for second-time moms. It’s very informal, casual, and low-key. It’s a light shower. Instead of “showering” the mom-to-be with gifts, as in a baby shower, you “sprinkle” her with few necessities or just “sprinkle” her with much love. If you had an elaborate baby shower with your first pregnancy, it might be nice to do something more intimate for your second pregnancy. However simple, they are still a lovely way to celebrate your new addition.

I am all about practicality and because it is a nontraditional baby shower. And that makes the baby sprinkle celebration so attractive to me. It is a day where I will have a nice time surrounded by my closest girlfriends only.

Ideas for Invitations

You won’t find a lot of different options for the baby sprinkle when it comes to invitations. Invitations for baby sprinkles tend to be a little bit simplier which makes it an excellent excuse to do them yourself.

Here are some thoughts about baby sprinkle invitations.

Choose an invitation from your favorite party supplies shop, choose one that is simple and maybe has a little bit of soft touch! If you’re planning on having a girls only outing you can find plenty of soft pink cards that will work great for baby sprinkle invitations. These can either be for: birthday parties or other girls only party types, you may want to take a look around to find fun invitations.

The trend in baby sprinkle invitations is now for invitations to very colorful with text that is not all centered but left-aligned or right-aligned or both, with modern designs that seem to fall off the edge of the paper. You will see similar techniques used in most every baby sprinkle invitation contains all of these elements, which explains why it has been so popular this year, especially for spring and summer baby sprinkles.

It is shown here in the two most popular color combinations of tiffany blue & peach, and also in a range of different shades of pink – from hot pink to a medium rose pink to a light baby pink.

Baby Shower Invitations

Your choice of invitations will depend on such things as a theme you have planned, the vote you are making, the taste of the mom-to-be and the sex of the baby, would if you know it.

When you choose a style for the baby shower invitations the process can be a lot of fun.

You can buy invitations from just about anywhere to fit a large number of themes, including the fitting mood mom’s, momchic and mobile animals.

Would you produce creative then why not your own invitations.

The information that you want to include on them is as follows:

  • The name of the mom-to-be and the host
  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • RSVP details of
  • Contact phone number
  • Gift suggestions or details of gift registry or wishlist
  • Theme of the party, you have a
  • Let guests know if they need to something

Don’t forget to check out the invitations in plenty of time.

The Baby Shower Themes

You might want to choose a nice theme for the baby shower, taking into account the taste of the expectant mother and what you think the guests. If you decide to go with a theme this will help you to choose things such as invitations, decorations and food.

Some theme suggestions include:

Baby colors

Choose baby shower decorations in pink or blue if the sex of the baby is known, or both use as sex of the baby is not known. Balloons and streamers in the appropriate colors to use. You can change the colors through it to the invitations, party favors (e.g. pink and blue voting boxes) and even the food – serve cupcakes with pink or blue icing.

Kids room theme

Based on of the baby nursery theme, for example: pink, blue, Winnie the Pooh. You could have a stroller at the baby shower. Set it up with linen and a soft toy and have guests place their gifts around it. Borrowing a stroller to use as a ‘ gag ‘ or coordinate with the mom-to-be and guests to buy as a gift to the future parents.

Baby safety shower

Presents his complete safety in nature. Coordinate with guests to making a basket of safety-related gifts, including cabinet locks with drawer catches, Bath thermometer, first aid kit, wall outlet plug covers.

Afternoon Tea Party with beautiful dishes, fresh flowers and a tiered cake plate with finger sandwiches, cakes and chocolate. You can the food itself make or buy in some wonderful sweet treats! For a personal touch that you could visit or antique stores and second-hand purchase cups and saucers which your guests can at home as a special memento.

Mommy shower

Gifts to pamper Mommy, e.g.: massage and manicure vouchers, relaxation CD. This is a wonderful idea for a second time mom. Create a relaxing environment and let the mom-to-be enjoying her feet and is the center of attention!

Couple shower

Both mom and dad are present. Make sure that it is clear from the invitations that males are invited! A barbecue would be great for a few shower. There are some cool games that you can play if you wish, such as timing to see which guests can dress the baby doll the fastest. Or fill a Baby bottle for each male guest with juice, water or beer and them to see who can drink their bottle the fastest time.

Baby shower gives you the chance to take out some nice dinnerware and accessories for the party. Choose from a range of themed tableware, decorations and games make the perfect baby shower. Coordinating invitations, tableware, games and even thank you buy tickets.

There are so many choices when it comes to baby gifts! It is a good idea to contact the mom-to-be to see what types of items they needs/keeps.

If you are organizing the baby shower a gift list is a great idea. It works on the same starting point as a wedding registry; the gift list double ups and also allows for friends and family to buy things that honestly needed. Don’t forget to have a range of gifts for all budgets.

Some Baby shower gift suggestions

Layette shower

A clothes horse (or simple clothesline) to the shower and questions of an item to hang on the Clothesline. This would be something from the layette, a piece of clothing for baby, a blanket, baby wrap or even toys. The mom-to-be can keep the clothes horse and pins too!

Book shower

Questions of guests to a book and you will have a great start to baby’s library! You could ask that the book to fit a theme if you wish, for example: fairy, animals.

Ask each guest to bring combined Gift-money instead of a gift, then put the money together to buy it from a larger gift. Enter the amount on the invitations, for example. $10-$ 20.

Diaper party

Use this as the theme for the invitations and decorations. Questions from guests to diapers in different size as gifts. This might work well for a mother who wants to use reusable diapers also as long as guests are made aware of the desired brand and what the mother wants in the way of covers, linings, etc.

Deep Freeze shower-this would be especially good for a second (or more) time around mother. Have guests bring a warm meal, which can be frozen and put to good use after the baby is born!

Gift basket

A basket is a nice gift to give gift at the shower. Let the guests know that there will be a lottery and that they by bringing along a small packet of diapers or a box of wipes. Guests can enter as many times as they want. This offers a nice range of diapers for mother and a guest will take away a nice price.

When To Have A Baby Shower?

And equally important, where to have the baby sprinkle celebration or shower.

When do you have a Baby Shower?

The time of the baby shower is a matter of choice. During the third quarter is common, although it is better to not have the shower close to the expiration date when the baby is born early! Do not leave the shower too late also is a good way to make sure that the mother who receives all the tips and gifts for babies sooner rather than later.

Don’t forget to invite at least three weeks in advance to ensure that you are able to attend.

You may like to wait until the baby arrives and have a baby shower known as a “baby welcome shower”.

Where can you have a Baby Shower?

There is no rule here. Often a baby shower will be held at the home of the hostess, which creates a relaxing atmosphere.

You can go to a cafe or restaurant where no one has to worry about catering and cleaning, or you may consider another place as a Community Center. For those on a bigger budget that could make the baby shower one night in a hotel or a spa. The location depends on things such as the number of guests, the environment that you want to create and, of course, the budget.

If you are organizing a baby shower for a co-worker, why not office at your workplace? Thus, everyone can participate in and you can maximize your time together by not having to travel to another place. A shower shared at work can be fun and relax during lunch and enjoy sharing stories and opening gifts.

Baby practical and fun take a look at our range of diaper cakes as a centerpiece of shower.

Some Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games can be a lot of fun and here we offer some game suggestions for you.

It is becoming more popular party favors (small gifts or prizes) give guests. Don’t forget to check out our selection of beautiful baby shower favors that your guests will love!

Mother who knows Best? -Talk to the mom-to-be for the shower and come up with some questions and answers about hair, where she grew up, what school she went to her favorite color, her middle name, what she wanted when she grew up, etc. Every guest with pen and paper and reads the questions. The person who has the most correct answers WINS writes. This would be an individual or a team game.

Change up some of the traditional games

Think of other traditional games that you can customize to play at the baby shower. For example:

Pin the tail on the donkey

Use cut outs or your own simple drawings to play Pin the pacifier on the Baby or Pin the Baby on the abdomen. Use blue tack to secure an outline of a pregnant mother against the wall or the baby and guests see who the pacifier closest to the mouth of the baby or the child is closest to the pregnant belly places can have blindfolded.

Baby Pictionary-divide guests into teams and provide them with paper and a pencil. Each team member taking a turn at drawing. Show a Word to the person on each team that runs, then say “go” and see which team can guess the answer first. Make sure that the person who the drawing do not talk and writing words or characters not allowed. Use baby related words such as baby diaper, stroller, breastfeeding, diaper rash, baby bathtub, potty, nana.

Another option is to buy some cheap play dough and have guests play a 3D version of Pictionary where they have to form the clue. This is bound to get a lot of laughs.

Mommy’s belly

Pass around a ball of string and a pair of scissors. Any person who is a piece of string that they think will reach around ‘ Mummy’s belly ‘ cut have.

If everyone has taken their turn, get the mom-to-be to wrap a piece of string around her abdomen and cut to size.

The nearest length wins a prize.

Baby memory game

Line up a selection of baby items on a covered tray. Discovering the items for a minute and have guests write down as many of the parts, if they can remember me. The mom-to-be, get the tray of goodies.

Make the Baby

Guests in small teams and give each team some baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper. Have they cut out pieces of different baby qualities and make a picture of what they think the expectant mother baby will look like. Have the mother-to-be pick they like the best baby!

Baby shower Game books

You might want to buy some books of simple and fun baby shower games. Just cracks from the game sheets and pass round for your guests to play. We have some nice play books, which comes equipped with a delicate bow.

Dress the Baby-offer a doll, diapers, baby clothes, etc and everyone to see who can dress baby the fastest time. Easier than the real thing!

Hang out the washing

Put up a simple washing line and offer of pegs and baby clothes. The guests of the time to see who can hang most items in the allotted time, eg. 1 minute. But there is a catch … the guests would mimic the busy mother and a baby pop pressed to talk on a wireless phone!

Do not say “Baby”

On arrival and give each guest a diaper pin or a clothes peg pin on their clothes. Tell them then that for the rest of the baby shower should not say ‘ baby ‘.

If anyone catches another guest say “baby”, they can take their diaper pin/clothes-peg and to pin it to their own clothes.

The person with the most diaper jumper pins or pins at the end of the shower WINS.

Mystery game

Place baby related items in about 5 numbered paper bags in advance and staple of the tops. Then pass the bags around and have guests write down what they think each bag contains. Use objects such as bottles, rattles, teethers, diaper pins, etc. If everyone has their answers written down, open the bags to see who got the most right. Alternatively, place the items in a diaper bag and have each guest in their favor and recommend the object by the feeling what it is.

Mother’s body

give each guest a sheet of paper to fold in half and place behind their backs. The mom-to-be stand up and show the guests her profile. Each guest tears than from the paper to her form. Once everyone is ready, they reveal their masterpieces for all to see. This is guaranteed to get some laughs. The mother can pick her favorite and give a price.

How many pins?

Fill a Baby bottle with something like diaper jumper pins or lollipops and have guests guess the number of pins or lollipops in the bottle. The closest guess WINS.

Guess the Baby-Food

buy a selection of baby food in jars. Cover or remove the labels and each pot with a number. Make sure you keep a record of that food corresponds to which number. Give each guest a pen and some paper and investigate each pot to see if they can guess what’s inside. They can look and smell the food but not tests. The guest with the most correct answers WINS.

Baby Bingo

you can create your own bingo card (5 x 5 grid of squares) for each guest, with another type of baby gift in each square. Every card must be a different format of items. If the mom-to-be opens her gifts, guests can cover the appropriate square. The first player to cover five squares in a row (in any direction) and yell “Bingo” WINS. You could reduce the size of your cards, eg. 4 x 4 squares and the first player to cover four squares in a row WINS.

Baby Shower sells ready made baby bingo games for up to 10 guests!

Baby Photo Game

Request that all your guests to have a baby picture of themselves along. Number of each photo and put them where everyone can see. Give each guest a sheet of paper with a list of numbers that match the number of photos, and ask them what full baby photo they think is part of each guest. The person with the most correct answers WINS.


BabyHunch is an online game where friends and family can pool and submit their guesses for the baby: date and time of birth, gender, weight, length and even what letter the baby’s name will start with.

Food Thoughts

Super Duper Easy Icing

If you feel creative then you can have some fun making your own baby shower cookies. A basic biscuit or gingerbread recipe is easy to find on the internet or in my new cookbook

I made royal icing for the first time recently, and even a few simple designs of a newbie piped to homemade cookies looked very effective!

Royal icing is easy to make, quick drying and pure white, which I think is why it looks so good. White is also great for dyes.

A basic recipe for Royal icing is:

  • 1 ½ cups powdered sugar
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice (or cream of tartar)

Make sure your utensils are clean of fat before working with mixture. Light whisk the egg whites in a mixing bowl. Add the icing sugar a tablespoon at a time, beating well after each addition. When the cream reaches the desired consistency for piping, stir the lemon juice.

Separate your whipped cream in small bowls and add food coloring if you wish.

The amount of powdered sugar is required may vary depending on the size of the egg.

This makes quite a large amount of icing so you can try using half of the recipe and the other ingredients accordingly.

Note: with the baby shower theme in mind it occurred to me that it might be safer not to use of raw egg white if your cookies are offered to every pregnant women. The alternative might be for an immediate whipped cream or an egg free royal icing recipe to use. You could try mixing together 1 cup of icing sugar with 2 tsps of milk (or rice milk or water). Then add 2 tsps of light corn syrup and mix until smooth and glossy. If the mixture is too thick, add more corn syrup.

Look through some of the wonderful blogs on the internet for cookie decorating ideas – you are sure to be inspired!

Strawberry Ambrosia

I had a lot of cottage cheese to eat the today. Two full containers were set to expire. And apart from eating the straight I decided to make a nice recipe (nice and easy) which I quickly saw would be great for a baby shower, I ate what with chunky salsa on top and some as a snack served to the children. I still had 1.25 containers to eat. I went to a search engine and typed in “Cottage cheese recipes.” I wanted something sweet, so I removed the corn flake meatless meat loaf recipe (yuck!) and chicken enchiladas with cottage cheese (really?) and went straight to the “cottage cheese dessert.”

I used the strawberry, sugar-free Jello.

The gelatin helps to set the Jello mixture. I thought the consistency and taste was more like a recipe for ambrosia that I had as a child, hence “Strawberry Ambrosia.” If I had a number of mini marshmallows, she would have entered the pool. In hindsight, I could have quartered all remaining peeps of Easter, but it was so good, that I really don’t miss the marshmallows. After we had our special dessert, I covered the rest with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.

I think I have a different version with some mandarin oranges should or just with grape Jello I have in the pantry.

This one seems like a lot of Strawberry ice cream at first sight which made me think… I wonder what would happen if I froze some?